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We are Solar Structural Specialists.

Our expert staff, and innovative system empower us to quickly deliver quality engineering products you need.

We have provided structural engineering for thousands of rooftop mounted solar arrays. Our process guarantees high quality analysis is performed for every project we deliver. We have developed software to analyze roof mounted arrays, ground mounted arrays, and ballasted roof systems.

Visit us online, and fill out our Solar Engineering Request Form. We will immediately receive your request in an email with the information and documents you submit with your order form.

We will need truss or rafter photos, or exterior photos of your roof, and a plan from a solar designer.


Our Pricing is transparent. If you provide the plans we charge $60 for a typical solar array review. We also offer subscription pricing, and volume discounts for higher volume customers.

For unique structures requiring custom engineering, We will provide you a proposal based on a rate of $120/hour. Unique structures include ground mounted arrays, rooftop arrays on flat roofs with unique wind loading. Arrays on out buildings and patio covers. We will let you know if your structure presents a unique engineering challenge.

The more information we receive from you up front, the less time it will take us, and the less it will cost you. A good site survey can mean a world of difference in turn around time. If you’re ready to begin, fill out our Solar Engineering Request Form Below!

Quality & Speed

  • We understand this industry, and the need for quick turn around. Our competitive advantage is our responsiveness, and turn around times. We try to maintain a 24 hour turn around, and most of our projects we can return to you your engineering within the same day.
  • We are licensed engineering firm that prepares structural certifications that help installers get permits they need. We use the information you likely already are collecting for your solar installation. We verify your plans conform to state codes, and determine the adequacy of the framing beneath the solar array.


  • Utah
  • Idaho
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • Texas
  • Minnesota