Design Process: C.A.D.D.

Collect: Gather Site Specific geometry, survey data, snow loads, wind loads, seismic data, soil types, depth to water table, frost depth, topography, annual rainfall, existing structure geometry, on-site BIM models, and information needed for analysis

Analyze: Determine what needs to be resisted, collected, stored, transferred, or carried. Develop calculations to determine sizes and sections. Size beams, columns, footings, retaining walls, detention ponds, site grades and slopes, and develop calculation sheets.

Design: Develop models, drawings and details to convey construction requirements to building contractors. Compile specifications and design documents. Base design on analysis, and adjust analysis based on design.

Deliver: Compile Design and Analysis documents into biddable construction documents. Conduct thorough reviews, and request third party evaluation and criticism. Deliver construction ready plans, specifications, and design documents. Provide pre-construction, during construction, and post construction inspections to ensure quality control, and ensure building elements are properly assembled.

Early involvement of owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and end users ensures the interest of each discipline and building function is properly addressed in design. Beginning with construction data collection experts such as surveyors, and geotechnical engineers aids in avoiding costly mistakes. Conducting pre-construction, during construction, and post construction inspections ensures quality control during construction ensures end user satisfaction.

We have experience in providing design, and construction management for projects ranging in value between $1000, and 3.6 Billion. Our whole building understanding of civil, structural, HVAC, electrical, and Architectural requirements can be a great benefit to you to help with your construction project. Give us a call.